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Danger Girl's Road Rage Page
Poetry on the Road

This is where I like to store my driving-related poetry.

Dove Sign
where is your God now?
He is too busy keeping you alive on the
road to  perform the miracle
parting of the traffic for you
and your unending blinker
Thank you
I switched lanes way in front of you
But you were going so fast you felt
compelled to pull alongside me at the light
and say "you need to learn to use your mirror"
thanks for the tip, assh*le
you need to learn to drive the speed limit
the only thing I need to learn is how to shoot a .357
while in a moving vehicle
Stoner girl
In your white beater car
held together with grateful dead bumper stickers
you decided to get into my lane just when I was next to you
then swerved away when you realized I was there
whoa, man.... trip
you were short with dark, stringy hair
I saw you finally coast over behind me
(not using a turn signal was a nice touch)
only to go the speed limit in the fast lane
a thorn in the side of all those hardworking stiffs
trying to make a living behind you
You Make Me Feel Good About Myself
hey you black truck, with your
raiders sticker,
around all of us "slow" cars
thinking you can get a better deal
in the slow merge lane, uphill, behind the semis
are you a complete moron?
yet, you made it ahead, somehow, alive
although I passed you later as you were
trying to take an exit at the last minute
I was going 80; you were going
0, parked in the median to squeeze in
To the Person who Keeps Breaking Into MM's convertible
you took my old nasty pair of "extra glasses," and the classy clip on sunglasses circa 1975.  I appreciate you relieving me of my mother's hideous multi-purpose "car tool," which was given to me in the event of finding my car suddenly, under water, and having to break the window.
Oh, and also, I was starting to get too complacent in my crime-free life behind the barb wire fence in Concord.  thanks for reminding me that evil still exists in the world.
Some Haiku:
much red lights - I braked
you went onto shoulder to not hit me
thank you, you bad driver
I hate these freeways
way too many bad drivers
better to stay home

Because we're all naked underneath our clothes